Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ciao Baby Portable High Chair

It was nice of the waiter to bring me letters to chew on!
 Hiya, Friends!  Check out what the FedEx man brought me!  This is so cool I wanted to tell you all about it as soon as I got it out of its box.

It's a high chair of my very own, for when I go to restaurants, instead of using a wooden one or one that other little kids might have slobbered all over.  I'm not saying they do, or don't, I'm just saying I know what I do in those restaurant high chairs, and well... I'm glad I have one of my very own now.

Also, this portable jobby is a lot more comfortable than the standard-issue restaurant high chairs.  I can't see and be seen as well in this one, but Mommy says I'm also not going to climb out of it as easily as the wooden high chairs at restaurants, either!
I'm ready to order.  Have you seen my waiter?

The neat thing about this high chair is that it comes in a carrying case, all folded up, like one of those lawn chairs I've seen you Big People use when I go to events that are outdoors.  Mommy says it weighs about eight pounds, and takes up about as much room in the Jeep as my umbrella stroller.  When you need it, you just pop it open and secure the safety braces on the sides.  Voila!  An instant, solid high chair.

Now, the tray comes attached.  It's made of fabric, too, just like the whole seating area of the chair, but get this- it's covered in plastic that you can wipe right off!  How about that?!

The thing I don't really like about this high chair is that just like any of the other high chairs I've ever sat in, there's a seatbelt.  Just this one makes it so I really can't climb out.  That sort of cramps my style.

Do I have to go out to the kitchen and get my own meal?

 But as far as comfortableness goes, this high chair cannot be beat, Big People.  I wish you got to sit in seats this comfortable when you go to restaurants, or even to other Big People's houses who don't have kids, so they wouldn't have high chairs for them to sit in.  I just love this.  I can sit up straight, or lean back and not feel like I'm going to fall right over.  I can wiggle around, but not have Mommy jumping up to make sure I'm not going to fall out.  Mommy says she wishes this high chair had a five-point safety harness, just like my home-high chair has, but I say that's overkill.  I like this one, just the way it is.

When I compared the height of this high chair to the height of my home-high chair, this one's a little less high of a high chair.  Mommy says that's so it's easy to carry and that if it telescoped or got shorter and taller, or if it were taller, it'd be bigger and heavier and less portable, and portability's the name of the game!  I guess I can live with feeling a little short at the table.  Mommy says I'm as high up as I'd be in a restaurant high chair.  I don't know if I can take her word or not.
Well, if you don't want me climbing out, hop to it with that applesauce!

So everything considered, I'm really looking forward to taking my Ciao! Baby high chair with me on the road.  I feel really snazzy in it.  It's comfy, it's stable, it's easy to use, easy to clean up after me, and best of all, the only baby-germs on it are my baby-germs.  I'm funny about things like that, and this sets my mind at ease, Big People.  It really does.  Plus there's a CUP HOLDER, Friends!  You know it's got to be cool if it has a cup holder!  That's a rule of the Universe!  And the box says it's good for me until Age 3.  This is a win, Big People.  This is a win!  Ciao, Baby!
The service in this restaurant is lousy, but my high chair is a winner in my book!