Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fisher-Price Cruise and Groove Ballapalooza

This is a fun toy!  I look like I have a beach ball for a head in this picture!  Haha!

Check out how easy it is for me to roll the balls down the chutes.  And it plays music!  It plays fun music.  New Wave, I think!
Yes!  I like it!  Read why below!

Guess what, Big People?!  My FedEx driver brought me a really cool toy from the Amazon Vine Program this afternoon.  I was supposed to be taking a nap, but Rozzie saw the FedEx truck and went crazy, and of course, I couldn't sleep after all that racket.  And I REALLY couldn't sleep when Mommy said that big box was for me!

The thing is, it came all in pieces.  Mommy said I should go ahead and take a nap while she put it together for me, so I could be all rested up when it was time to play, but watching Mommy put stuff together is entertaining in itself, so of COURSE I didn't nap!

Okay.  Here's the deal on assembling this big toy.  Mommy tells me that she read the directions and followed them, and all she needed was a Phillips screwdriver and some patience.  The pieces are numbered, which helps, and they snap together then are really secured with screws.  That's a good thing, because I like to also use it as a ballet barre.

Now, whatcha do is pick up one of the colorful balls and drop it in a chute, or send it straight down one of the ramps, or you can crawl through the gate.  All of those things make it play the cool music and light up.  It's like a club, right in my own living room.  How about that!  If you're being boring, the balls roll down the ramps and stay right on the toy, but you know what I think is the best fun of all?  Taking the balls and rolling them under the couch!  Yes!  Because then, Mommy has to fetch the balls!  She's so much better at that than Rozzie is!  And watching her climb around on the floor with a yardstick to reach under the couch is hi. lar.ious!  I'll invitecha over one of these days, so you can see for yourself!

There's also a beach-ball looking thing with a jingle-ball in it.  It's pretty great.  It's like one of those speed-bags that boxers use.  I tried it out.  I like the way it jingles when I bat it, and also, I like the way the world looks like a fish-bowl when I put my eyes up to it and look through it.

So while this toy is huge (I LOVE THAT!!!!), and it isn't a disco ball like I still want and everybody seems to keep ignoring me, I think the music is fun, and that I'll be playing with this cool toy for a while!

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