Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fisher-Price Jumperoo Farm

Hiya, Friends!  Zoe here!  I want to talk to you about my Farm Jumperoo today.  It was a present to me from my Gramma.  I've had it since I was five months old.  Mommy didn't think we needed a Jumperoo, but Gramma got me one anyway, and I'm so glad she did.  Check me out!

I take my time in the Jumperoo very seriously.  There's so much for me to do there!  First of all, I can jump.  I don't even need a doorway to anchor it in.  It stands up all by itself.  And I started out with the lowest setting, but then I got too tall, so we raised it up a notch, and I see I still have another one to go.   I'll get to play with this Jumperoo for a long time, and that makes me happy!

But then, there's a little book that I can flip the pages on.  Aunt Colleen and Gramma taught me how to leave the pages nicely on books, and the pages on this book are really sturdy hard plastic, so I can really practice, without having to worry about tearing the pages accidentally while I practice leafing them!  Every time you leaf the page, the Jumperoo sings different songs, or talks about something else.  For instance, it can sing the alphabet to me, which I like a lot, or it can tell me if I've picked up the red tomato, or the yellow corn, or the orange carrot.  That's a really handy feature for when I'm working on Jumperoo Farm at night or in the fog!

So right next to the book with the pages I can leaf through nicely, there's two little ducks in what looks like a hamster ball.  Mommy's said she's going to put me in a hamster ball to keep track of me one of these days, and I've gotta say, if my hamster ball is half as fun as my two little duckies' hamster ball, I can't wait!  I give 'em a spin every now and then, and they really seem to enjoy it!

Lets see... I've already talked about the light-up vegetables.  Very handy in the fog.... Okay, behind me, I've got three little pigs that twirl around.  They're a lot of fun, those pigs!  And they're good navigators, out on Jumperoo Farm.  One time, we were driving out in the cornfield to do work, and we got lost, and the Three Little Pigs got us back lickety-split!  I like 'em!  Here seems like a good place to mention that my seat in the Jumperoo swivels all the way around.  I could twirl around if I wanted to.  I could twirl and twirl and twirl!  And then there's a pony that is supposed to play peek-a-boo with me.  I've got to be honest, Big People.  The pony's never been much for playing games, but that's all right.  I put the pony to work, listening to the weather when we're out working on the farm.  If there's a storm coming, the pony lets me know, and we just hightail it right back to the barnyard!

Above my head, there's a cow, a rooster, and a kitty.  The kitty brings her ball for us to bat at when things are slow out in the field.  The cow's in charge of beverages, and the rooster up top lets us know when it's quittin' time!  I guess they're just meant to be batted at, but I'm running a serious operation here on Jumperoo Farm, and there's not really a lot of time for frivolity, so if they're going to work with me, they've got to do something other than just hang around, right?

I love the lights on my Jumperoo Farm the most, though.  They're a spectacle to behold!  Especially in the dark!  I like to work on the farm until after sundown, then get the lights going, and I feel like I'm my own carnival ride, with all my lights and such.  Make an impressive entrance back in the barnyard.  You know how it is, Friends!

So how 'bout what I think of my Jumperoo?  I LOVE it, Big People!  If you have a little kid in your life, and you're wondering whether or not to get 'em a Jumperoo, take it from your pal Zoe, and do it.  It's a lot of fun to bounce in, and there are a lot of bright colors and fun sounds to keep me busy.  I'm glad Gramma got me mine, even though Mommy said I didn't need one.  Even Mommy says it's a good thing, this Jumperoo.  So there you have it.  I give my Jumperoo Farm a great big "Yeah!"

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go tend to my farm.  The yellow corn's trying to take over the red tomato's spot again....

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